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Drone Flyaways

Reasons Your Drone Can Fly Away

Flyaway drones are a reality for drone owners around the world. They can happen at any time.  At DroneLogix, we have experienced two such occurrences, and it is a sickening feeling to watch your UAS fly away on its own.

Some common reasons for flyaways...

  • Flying in Excessive Wind Conditions
  • Radio Interference (electromagnetic and microwave)
  • Faulty Firmware Upgrade
  • Loss of Connections (physical and logical)
  • Piloting Error
  • Software Glitches
  • Loss of Line of Sight
  • Bad GPS Data

Preventing drones from flying away can be a genuine challenge as they occur for various reasons, so the best option drone owners have is to be prepared ahead of time.

We recommend the following procedures and system enhancements to mitigate or manage flyaway risk:

  • Recalibrate the compass, IMU, and gimbal after every firmware update, and before each flight.
  • Install and use a separate GPS and Cellular Tracking Device such as Trackimo or FindtheDrone.
  • Setup proper safety settings for each flight, such as geofencing, determine minimum obstacle clearance altitude (also known as MOCA) for safe Return to Home (RTH) altitude settings, etc.
  • Install and know how to deploy a recovery parachute system such as Parazero, Fruity Chutes, or Mars

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