Utility Inspections - Wind

Description of Services:

DroneLogix aerial intelligence solutions reduce inspection costs, improve efficiency and turbine productivity, reduce hazardous manhours, and rapidly provides actionable data to manage blade repairs. Through its renewable energy infrastructure inspection service, DroneLogix provides decision makers with the ability to easily assess and monitor hub nose and blade health, track and document repairs, and monitor safety and loss prevention initiatives.  Our services solves one of the top challenges that industrial asset owners and service providers face - making timely, informed business decisions that positively affect the bottom line.

In addition to traditional digital video and photographic capture, DroneLogix supports infrared thermography.  Thermographic inspection via infrared thermography is a non-contact and non-destructive inspection method that makes it possible to examine a large area of the blade for structural defects and weaknesses in the blade so qualified engineers can assess turbine health.


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